Three teenager boys from Southwark and a teenage girl as project lead have started training Met police recruits in Stop & Search, stereotyping, bias and racism. This ground-breaking scheme is run by Elevated Minds. We are now making a documentary about this inspiring vision, under the working title “CHANGE OF THOUGHT”.

The four young people feature in three videos: in LT#8 they meet up with British rapper Zuby; in LT#9, the team are buoyant after delivering their second training session; in LT#10, after their fourth session, two of the young team talk with the police regulatory body, IOPC and project lead Sahara has strong ideas for taking the project forwards and upwards.

Each young person has a remarkable story to tell. Their experiences in life, with Stop & Search, at school, meeting attitudes and behaviour that is not helpful – to put it mildly, add up to a tough portrait of modern life that through their resilience has led to the creation of an inspiring vision and an ambitious project in the real world – with London’s Metropolitan Police.

Contributing to the film alongside the four teenagers are Doreen Sinclair McCollin, CEO of Elevated Minds who has coached the young people and steered them away from school exclusion, their parents, guests of LET’S TALK Video Discussions including British rapper Zuby, and senior Police officers from the Met.

“CHANGE OF THOUGHT” will be premiered in summer 2022.