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Discussion Forums are organised in schools and youth clubs to hear from Year 6 pupils, Year 9 and Year 11 students. Where an organisation like a youth club is less able to provide a single age cohort, the project welcomes mixed age groups.

In 2019 the three Forums were held at Surrey Square Primary School, Bede Youth Adventure Project and Harris Academy Peckham. The Panel who heard from these young people included a Judge, a senior civil servant from the Ministry of Justice, a trauma surgeon, a head teacher, a music teacher, two youth workers, a youth pastor, a Stop & Search consultant, a senior police officer, an academic and a filmmaker.

LET’S TALK is running from 2019 to 2022 and is funded by The Peckham Settlement and London Community Foundation.

Primary 2019

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Youth Club 2019

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Secondary 2019

Social Media?

There’s many bad things from social media, but social media is only a thing, we’re the people who are in social media, we’re the people who use social media. Bede YAP youth member

Youth Club 2019

What young people said

Seeing things

I have left my house one day and I’ve seen a shooting, and someone was killed opposite my house.

HAP student

HAP student

I listen to drill music but I don’t act that way.

Year 11 Student

Brandon Estate resident

Last year we had two deaths in our area, and I live right in front of the block … I knew the two boys, I used to play football with them. One of them was stabbed and one was shot. … we should be investing in youth clubs.”

Young Resident
Brandon Estate

Need to talk …

It scares me to even talk to anyone. Most of the time I just bottle it.

HAP student

SSQ pupil 2019

“I want to know why isn’t it safe for a child to grow up in Southwark.”

Girl Pupil
Surrey Square Primary school

HAP student

Maybe we need to know more about how to handle peer pressure in other situations, you know, how to deal with mental things in other situations.

Year 11 Student

Youth clubs?

The value of Bede? Bede’s my family. My second family.


Year 9 member
Bede Youth Adventure Project

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