LET’S TALK 2020 Forums increase

Building on the success of the LET'S TALK format, the 2020 series of Forums increased from three to six events, though due to Covid-19 the final event scheduled at Dulwich College was postponed due to lockdown. Overall therefore we are reaching further across our target area in Southwark, to more local schools, youth clubs and performing arts organisations. They began [...]

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Educating the parents

A YouTube channel to educate the parents was proposed by students in the first round of discussion Forums early in 2019. Community TV Trust is taking up the challenge and looking for young people to step forward and generate content for this channel. Podcast - text - image - video - music ... If you are 19 or under and [...]

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Forums like these are so important

The second Forum of 2020 was back at Surrey Square Primary School where the audience combined pupils and guest adults from The Children's Society, Southwark Council's Child Sexual Exploitation, local charity United St. Saviour's, and a radio journalist. Here is a comment from the Head of Year 6 - Children need us to talk

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Social Media?

There’s many bad things from social media, but social media is only a thing, we’re the people who are in social media, we’re the people who use social media. Bede YAP youth member

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Help families understand their children

HAP: There should be a YouTube channel that has people like you as a panel, and they go to different schools and have different secondary and primary schools give their opinion on serious issues ... Parents would actually watch it especially if their child goes to that school. And through hearing all these different opinions they will know how their [...]

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Stop & Search

Know your rights and the right questions to ask. Stop & Search can be played out with respect and even-handedness.    

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Surrey Square are back!

Surrey Square Primary School who led off LET'S TALK in January 2019 with the opening discussion Forum have signed up for the 2020 series. LET'S TALK is delighted and looks forward to working again with the brilliant staff and head teacher who nurture their children with Values teaching underpinning everything that goes on in the school.

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Film drama from Peckham young people

Inspiring stories emerge. Young people in the Peckham area brought together by Movement Factory under the leadership of Leanne Pero have produced a powerful film drama about being young and having your phone taken off you. An all too common experience. But how to respond? Make a poor choice and life can spiral out of control ... Movement Factory however [...]

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Knife crime: a shared problem

In the capital, knife crime and youth violence have become depressingly regular features of the news bulletins. Week on week we hear about another young life taken, a family heartbroken, and a community shattered. Since 2014 knife crime has increased by 22% across England and Wales and by 36.7% across London. The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) statistics [...]

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