Let’s Talk – Origins and Purpose

Chris Haydon talks about the origins of CTVT and the 'Let's Talk' project. The Let't Talk project began after a spike in Knife crime in London, and an event was organised in March 2018, where people from all sections of the community came to give their views and discuss knife crime and gangs, and what could be done about this. [...]

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LET'S TALK has now recorded its special video discussion edition on Exclusion. Two partner agencies, Just For Kids Law and The Children's Society, brought forward three young adults with a background of or knowledge of exclusion and its impacts. These are voices that need to be heard by us all and especially by those who drive education policy. We were [...]

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Media Focus on the Negatives

Black people are often portrayed in a negative light by media who want them to conform to stereotypes. Gang members, stabbings, drugs and violence. But this is something that most black people are not. So why does the media persist in keeping this negative image alive? And what are the consequences for black people and society as a whole?

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Combatting County Lines

"County Lines: Protecting children from exploitation" At LET'S TALK we are concerned about school exclusions, seeing them as feeding disaffected and vulnerable young people to predators on the streets. Running drugs from London out into the provinces and further afield is the business of County Lines. Here is a story that makes clear that this 'business' is very present, supports [...]

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LET’S TALK Video Report 2020

After five Forums in a range of venues, here is a substantial video discussion featuring panellists from the past two years of working around Southwark in schools, a youth club and a theatre. https://vimeo.com/495904895 Contributors alongside the young people of Southwark include - two seasoned youth workers, Fokrul Meah and Donna Wallace a very senior retired Civil Servant from the [...]

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“Nowhere to Turn”

  A young person at Bede House Youth Adventure Project comments in a discussion over who you can turn to for support if you witnessed someone being stabbed. A police officer asked, "if you were in a situation where you felt you needed support; is there anywhere you think you could go to get it?" The young person responded, "Don’t [...]

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“Police Have a Negative Name in Society”

A young person in Bede House Youth Adventure Project makes an observation in response to the question, "what do you think when you see a police officer?" One person said simply, "They're trouble." The young person in the recording says, "I feel like police officers have like a really negative name in society. Because a lot of people get stopped [...]

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LET’S TALK 2020 Forums increase

Building on the success of the LET'S TALK format, the 2020 series of Forums increased from three to six events, though due to Covid-19 the final event scheduled at Dulwich College was postponed due to lockdown. Overall therefore we are reaching further across our target area in Southwark, to more local schools, youth clubs and performing arts organisations. They began [...]

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Educating the parents

A YouTube channel to educate the parents was proposed by students in the first round of discussion Forums early in 2019. Community TV Trust is taking up the challenge and looking for young people to step forward and generate content for this channel. Podcast - text - image - video - music ... If you are 19 or under and [...]

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