Exclusion – Parents Often the Last to Know

Doreen from Elevated Minds talks about how parents are often the last people to know if a child is facing exclusion. This raises some important questions: Why? Shouldn't schools be working with parents to help deal with problems before they get to this stage? Are schools just trying to wash their hands of 'troublesome' student? Are schools failing children in [...]

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“What can we do to help stop knife crime?”

Chris asks young people at Bede Youth Adventure Project what can be done to help stop knife crime. The children ask for more funding for youth clubs and education to tell people that once you get involved in gangs and knife crime you can never get away from it.

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Donya – Look at People from a Positive Viewpoint

Donya talks about how young people are often stereotyped or labelled and young people often feel judged by society, teachers, etc. She says it is far more positive and better to say, "What are your strengths?" and look at people from that perspective. 

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Doreen Sinclair-McCollin – “Your Map Is Not Your Territory”

Doreen Sinclair-McCollin from Elevated Minds talks about the meaning for "Your Map is Not Your Territory" ahdn how she uses this phrase to help young people realise that with a change of mindset you can massively change your outlook as to what you can achieve. Related links: Elevated Minds Coaching

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“It’s not about where you come from; it’s about where you’re going”

Sherifa talks about how mentoring can help with low self-esteem and lack of confidence which may stem from being born on an estate. She talks about how a change of mindset is crucial for change to take place.

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Professionalism, Values and Society

Sherifa talks about how although we have ready access to many kinds of health professionals, from psychotherapists, criminologists and social workers, our society is continually on the brink of crisis, much more than in the past. Why is this so? How is it that after so many years of progress things seem to have only got worse?

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Let’s Talk – Origins and Purpose

Chris Haydon talks about the origins of CTVT and the 'Let's Talk' project. The Let't Talk project began after a spike in Knife crime in London, and an event was organised in March 2018, where people from all sections of the community came to give their views and discuss knife crime and gangs, and what could be done about this. [...]

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Media Focus on the Negatives

Black people are often portrayed in a negative light by media who want them to conform to stereotypes. Gang members, stabbings, drugs and violence. But this is something that most black people are not. So why does the media persist in keeping this negative image alive? And what are the consequences for black people and society as a whole?

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