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Young people talk – adults, professionals, parents listen.

Check out the LET’S TALK Videos on our FILMS page.

LET’S TALK 2022 and we are talking to Blue Elephant Theatre, Bede YAP and St Thomas The Apostle College about hosting a Forum. We  have plans for our “CHANGE OF THOUGHT” documentary about Southwark teenagers building better relations with the Police.

Check out LET’S TALK Exclusion, the final video of 2021 with great participation from Angel, Rose and Stefan from Just For Kids Law. All three know what they are talking about.

In LET’S TALK Video Report 2020 there’s a full and fascinating breakdown of how the year’s Forums panned out.

The Film Screenings in Autumn 2019 showed young people’s creativity, such as The Movement Factory and their production “One Road, Two Paths” and a musical about knife crime created by pupils at Harris Academy Peckham, that was performed at Bold Tendencies with the Multi-Story Orchestra in summer 2021.

LET’S TALK, set up by Peckham-based Community TV Trust, is a four year project spanning 2019-2022, with forums and film screenings in schools and youth clubs.

Get in touch by emailing: chris@communitytvtrust.org

About ‘Lets Talk Knife Crime’

At LET’S TALK we listen

Exclusion feeds County Lines.

Education must be more rounded than just about exam results.

We call on Schools to build bridges for young people into community.

If there’s no youth club, schools are the hub.

On the LET’S TALK Panel we’ve had a Judge, schools safety officers, a mentoring campaigner, headteachers, youth workers, a surgeon, a Baptist youth pastor, a top Civil Servant now retired, a Stop & Search consultant, a community/Police liaison specialist, a theatre youth officer, an academic, and a filmmaker.


LET’S TALK Stop & Search

Stop & Search is everywhere, a regular occurrence, especially for young Black males. 

Most view Stop & Search as necessary. But – (i) do you know your rights? and (ii) would the police officer please treat you with respect?

Let’s rebuild trust and confidence. So –

Be strong, calm and courteous. Whether you’re the officer or the citizen, show respect. 

Let us know how we can help you

Where can I get support from?

Trust – someone you trust. If not a parent, carer, teacher or friend, then

  • Anonymous helplines can provide good listening and fresh thoughts
  • Crimestoppers guarantee anonymity if that is relevant
  • Samaritans are always there for you if depression is winning
About ‘Lets Talk Knife Crime’

With the pandemic, we’ve concentrated on video production and published ten substantial discussion videos on a range of topics from Stop&Search to exclusion, county lines, and family. There are many voices – teenagers, a rapper, passionate campaigners, a new cop, a filmmaker, a police regulator, a QC and a theatre worker. If you would like to contribute or participate –

contact chris@communitytvtrust.org


Report Document

‘LET’S TALK Knife Crime 2019’

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