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Fear – want revenge – self defence – peer pressure? Whatever we’re all doing about knife crime is not enough or isn’t working. It’s time for young people to talk and adults to listen. That’s what’s happening here.

In its Discussion Forums, LET’S TALK provides a panel of professional people to talk to … at its Film Screenings, LET’S TALK shows young people what their peers and neighbours are saying and doing, often in powerful and creative ways.

LET’S TALK is a project set up by Peckham-based Community TV Trust. It’s a four year project, spanning 2019-2022, offering discussion forums and film screenings. It visits schools and youth clubs.

LET’S TALK is looking for breakthrough initiatives to confront the scourge of knife crime and youth violence. The country generally but inner cities and London especially are facing loss of life, fear and a rise in violent crime.

Community TV Trust [CTVT], in schools and PRUs and workshops for the disabled and marginalised, offers media training & filmmaking, engaging people and young people in open-ended creative work, linking Community to Education.

About ‘Lets Talk Knife Crime’

LET’S TALK is encouraging schools and youth clubs to give their young people a voice.

Stop & SearchCounty Lines Peer Pressure – Exclusion – Mental Health & Wellbeing – Social Media

Are parents awake? Can we do more? What is the role for Churches, Mosques and Temples? Does exclusion work? Is mental health properly on the agenda?

Schools shouldn’t just put up barriers and impose ID, GDPR and DBS checks. They should allow and encourage relationships with Community.

In 2020 LET’S TALK is bringing another powerful Panel to schools and clubs around Southwark: a Judge, a senior police officer, a mentoring campaigner, teachers, a youth worker, a top Civil Servant now retired, a Stop & Search consultant, a community/Police liaison specialist, a theatre youth officer, an academic, a schools officer and a filmmaker.


LET’S TALK big issues

Stop & Search is everywhere. For some it is a regular occurrence. But do you know your rights?

Most view Stop & Search as a necessary evil. It causes resentment but how else do you take weapons off the street?

What if Stop & Search were seen as an opportunity for building stronger community relations with the Police? Must be crazy even to ask that, surely … but actually, if you know your rights, then you can be strong in the encounter. Especially if the police officer is inexperienced. The interaction at the least could be set on a level playing field. Why not?

Let us know how we can help you

Where can I get support from?

Trust – someone you trust. If not a parent, carer, teacher or friend, then

  • Anonymous helplines can provide good listening and fresh thoughts
  • Crimestoppers guarantee anonymity if that is relevant
  • Samaritans are always there for you if depression is winning
About ‘Lets Talk Knife Crime’

Our next discussion forum is at a special needs school … casting the net wide

Going home alone

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