When you come out of prison how do you stop yourself from going back to your old ways?
JJ talks about the importance of having a strong mindset:

“You have to have a strong mindset. Like I was in prison four years ago and even before that I was stabbed as well. But to have the mindset to not retaliate and when I come out of jail to get a job like it’s a strong mindset and a lot of people think that, these young people don’t have that mindset, so we’re just going to trick them into doing these things, they’re going to fall off anyway so they don’t care about what they get, where they go, you have to have a strong mindset. Now, a lot of people looked at me and said, especially in my area, “that’s the bad one”, like. It doesn’t matter what happens to him. But, it turns out that those people were worse than me. So when I came out the jail, I was literally, going to get a house, get a job, have the flashiest car, I’m going to buy my jewellery, and it’s all legit so nobody’s going to take it from me. When I was doing it the other way round, I got everything taken, and then I’m back at square one. And it’s just boring. It’s literally boring.”