Kids on the Prices of Facilities

Sherifa asks some young people at a youth centre what changes they would like to see.  One of the answers was pretty interesting, and at its heart scrutinises the effect of government cuts to community facilities and the communities themselves "...there needs to be more opportunities. Like this area, the other day me and my mates were planning to go [...]

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It doesn’t make sense

A young person talks from his experience at school, where once accused of wrongdoing, it is almost impossible to defend yourself The result can ultimately end in exclusion, which to his mind defeats the point... "...basically you can't speak up, you just have to accept the punishment, even if you've done nothing wrong. Like you just have to accept it. [...]

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“Get Yourself Away”

A mother gives advice to girls who may find themselves in a situation: '...when you see somebody if you're with a group and they're doing something wrong and you know it's wrong, take yourself away. Remove yourself from that situation. Don't get dragged into it; don't get caught up into it. But as long as you have that self-love, that [...]

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When you come out of prison how do you stop yourself from going back to your old ways? JJ talks about the importance of having a strong mindset: "You have to have a strong mindset. Like I was in prison four years ago and even before that I was stabbed as well. But to have the mindset to not retaliate [...]

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Why Are Young People Exploited?

Sherif talks about how family difficulties can leave members of that family vulnerable to exploitation "Why do you think, a lot of the youth nowadays are getting exploited?" "Do you know what? I think it is a lot to do with, first of all like self-esteem, confidence. I'm not blaming parents; not all parents are bad, some parents struggle, you [...]

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Exclusion Doesn’t Work

In a discussion held with some young people at a youth club, Freddy from The Childrens Society comments on how schools' use of exclusion only makes the problem worse: Audio: "So with exploitation you can have, like, one of the reasons a child may be sort of misbehaving or acting out, that may be because they're being exploited, and the [...]

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Sometimes School’s an Escape

Sherifa explains how she thinks some schools are often failing students, because they are too focused on their own agenda or their reputation: "I do think that with schools everyone has their own agenda so they are focused on getting really good results now, a lot of the time, so they're not so focused on the emotional side of things [...]

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Talk to Your Parents

One thing we discovered in talking to young people is some people would not talk to their parents. But knowing you are falling deeper into danger and not being able to talk to someone is a burden. Carrying this burden all by yourself can have an impact on your own mental health too. In this soundbite a mother gives her [...]

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