A young person talks with a representative from the Children’s Society about how his ADHD wasn’t recognised at school for years. 

This is a common problem which schools need to be identified more quickly. Too many children are slipping through the system undiagnosed.

audio text:

“Yeah I used to be in detention for like fidgeting and stuff, stuff like that. But I couldn’t help it because whenever I’ve got stuff in my hand I’m either doing something naughty in class or just doing, yeah, naughty stuff in school and stuff like that.”

“One of the big issues is undiagnosed special educational needs or disabilities. So children are getting excluded and the schools haven’t realised that there’s actually something bigger going on here.

…like I’m sure like with your experience you might have been told, ‘ah, you don’t fit in, and you don’t really work in the school’, and it’s you’re made to feel that you dont’ fit in, but it’s actually the system that doesn’t fit you.”